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I apologize for not updating in a long time. I do however have a legitimate reason… I have huge news but I will save that for my next post.  Right now I want to talk about your bum. Thats right…your booty, butt, rear end, or how the french say, your derrière.

One of my goals for 2016 is to improve my booty….and whether you have a lot of junk in the trunk or none at all….who doesn’t like a nice toned tush? Do you want to improve your booty with me?

I want to share with you the workout I did this morning to help lift and tone my bum.

I also threw in an ab exercises for extra credit!  Be sure to turn up your favorite song to get you going…right now I can’t stop listening to this sick Kygo remix of “Often”   by The Weeknd!!!

Now go get your sweat on!


PLANK: Hold for 60 Seconds 

I started of with a basic plank and held it for one minute. If you can not do a full minute hold for as long as you can. Remember to breath. Breathing is key. Planks actually work every part of your body, especially your core, and it will help improve balance and mind. I am staring to incorporate them with each workout. Just like cardio….

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1. BRIDGES: 3 Sets of 10

Hey this move is two in one! Bridges work your booty and abs. At the end of each set pulse for 10 seconds. Want more of a burn? Hold weights above your hips to make the move more difficult.

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2. CROSSOVER KICK: 3 Sets of 10

I love Crossover Kicks. They are a step up from a typical kickback and helps reach muscles that a normal kickback won’t. Remember to not touch the ground with your toes…every move controlled.

3. SQUATS: 3 Sets of 10 

Of course Squats had to be in here….make sure you pay close attention to your form. Remember your knee should never pass your foot. Keep your back straight while bending your knees and your arms forward. Pulse for 10 seconds after each set. Hold weights for more difficulty.

4. SQUAT KICK: 3 Sets of 10

This is my new favorite move to work the bum! It is so much more exciting than just a basic Squat. Plus like the Crossover Kicks it reaches muscles that a typical Squat does not. Again, remember your form. Correct form is key otherwise you are not getting a full workout. It is better to do less reps with the correct form. If you are feeling daring hold weights. As you can see by the photos I didn’t need glutes were burning enough!


BICYCLE CRUNCH: 3 Sets of 15

Bicycle Crunches are awesome because they work your abdominals and obliques for an all over fab ab workout. Plus you will see results fast.

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HUNDRED CRUNCH: 3 Sets of 15

No no not a hundred crunches…this is the “Hundred” Crunch. Have you ever tried Pilates? One move is the Hundred…it is sort of like a Plank. However ad a crunch in there to engage your abs…do not let your legs touch the ground. Keep your core engaged.

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