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Brittany Mason is an International Model & Creative Talent currently based in Dublin, Ireland.



I am a model with 8 years of Runway, Fashion and Swimwear experience


I will remain authentic on all of my thoughts, feelings, and reviews giving my honest opinions. While I may accept payments from brands, I will never endorse a brand I do not believe in. My readers best interest is my top priority.


I am also a creative talent with experience in Concept Creation, Styling, Hair & Makeup and Photography

My Cause | iampossible



As a teen I was bullied and it had a profound impact on me. I didn’t have the support or tools to cope with it. My mission is to bring further awareness to the epidemic of bullying that still persists today. I started¬†iampossible as a non-profit organization to bring support & empowerment tools to those that are being bullied, unite communities through engaging & fun events and to inspire all. No person should ever be made to feel threatened or ashamed for who they are. Every person is possible.


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For general inquiries, modeling work, creative services or blog product placements I can be reached at